Staff Application Requirements

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Staff Application Requirements

Post by mr hot on Sat Jan 16, 2016 5:54 pm

Requirements for all Applications

•Have the ability to understand/speak english.
•Has no history in past(banned accounts and etc) it doesn't stop you from creating an application it only lowers your chances.
•Spend atleast 3 hours a day, we can check and we can see so don't lie.
•You must answer the Quastions without any lies, answers fully without any lies.
•If it says a minimum amount of words you must write that amount of words.
•Not following one of these rules will result in a ban from making an applcation from 3 to 6 days.
•You must change your text color to one of your choise how ever you are not allowed to change the color of the application form.

Time Spent Requirements

Helper- Play in server atleast for 7days.

Moderator- Have the experience of Helper atleast of 24days, if you haven't been a helper 24days in this server you can't apply.

Administrator- Have the experience of Moderator of 14days, you must have had Moderator for 14days before applying for Administrator.

Trusted Dicer/Youtuber- No time requirements, Trusted dicer must have a super donator+

You can't apply for Moderator/Administrator straight away you need to apply for Helper and built up your way to the top.

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